Gigi Hadid Does Hilarious Melania Trump Impersonation at the AMAs . . . (It’s Priceless)

Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating China: Through the Looking Glass, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, America - 04 May 2015

Gigi Hadid and comedian Jay Pharoah are hosting the 2016 American Music Awards, and they kicked off the largest fan-voting show with a bang. In just the co-host’s opening act, Hadid wasted no time commenting on Donald Trump and his family with a hilarious impersonation of Melania Trump.

“I love my husband,” the Victoria’s Secret model said, pouting her lips just like the First Lady-elect. “President Barack Obama, and our children.” The instantly broke out into laughter of the spot-on skit. Jay Pharoah also did a spot on impression of Donald Trump where commented on the president-elect’s deportation plans.

Naturally, Twitter was in real tears. “Lmao on American music awards gigi hadid did a funny ass impression of melania trump,” one fan tweeted. “I won’t be surprised if Donald Trump asks Gigi Hadid to apologize to Melania Trump tomorrow,” one person chimed.


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